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Market research firm, Mintel has just released a new report, Facial Skincare and Anti-Aging US 2016. Sales in facial skincare and anti-aging categories were down in 2015 after years of slow but steady growth. Trends in the category that emerged are the interest in anti-pollution products, and the overlapping of beauty and lifestyle in the minds of consumers; they believe lifestyle matters when it comes to skin health and appearance. Mainstream, niche, and indie brands are all finding traction with natural claims, milder formulation, and food-style ingredients.

“Consumers are embracing healthy, holistic living, and our research shows that these lifestyle changes are driving the facial skincare and anti-aging market. In such a saturated marketplace, products featuring natural formulations are standing out to consumers who trust identifiable and natural ingredients,” said Shannon Romanowski, Category Manager, Health, Household, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel. “The link between diet and skin is evident, and as consumers increasingly associate their lifestyle with their skin’s appearance, product formulations with added food-based ingredients and vitamins stand out among the competition.”

  • Anti-aging is still the largest segment in the category but saw sales decrease by 6.3% 2014-2015.
  • The overall facial skincare and anti-aging market saw a 1.4% decrease in sales in 2015 falling to $6.6 billion.
  • 21% of consumers do not use nor are they interested in using anti-aging products compared to 18% that use them.
  • 14% of consumers agree the pollution impacts the appearance of their skin.
  • 44% of consumers believe that hydration matters more then product use.
  • 36% of consumers feel diet has more of an impact than product use.
  • 38% of consumers agree that stress has an impact on the appearance of their skin
  • 30% of consumers are looking for anti-aging products featuring anti-stress claims, and 38% are confident stress influences the look of the skin.
  • 85% of consumers are interested in products containing vitamin C.
  • 78% are looking for fruit-based ingredients.
  • 78% are interested in oatmeal while 76% are looking for honey.
  • 72% of consumers use or would like to use products with probiotic ingredients.
  • Lip balm one of the fastest growing segments with an increase of 55% from 2010-2014.
  • Lip balm decreased slightly from 2014-2015 dropping from 52% to 49% of consumers using this type of product in part because of competition from cosmetics (e.g., tints, gloss, lipstick) with similar claims.
  • The cleanser segment is continuing to gain market share from the anti-aging segment, increasing sales 4.6% from 2014-2015 to reach $1.8 billion.
  • Moisturizer sales increased by 2.9% in 2014-2015 reaching $765 million and taking market share from anti-aging products.
  • With the rise of the facial cleanser segment, no-rinse cleansers are poised for growth. Research shows the while 8% of adults are currently using cleansing waters; this increases to 14% of consumers age 18-34.
  • Cleansing waters are viewed favorably, 45% agree they are refreshing, 43% believe they are safe for sensitive skin, 39% fell they are more gentle then rinse-off cleansers.
  • Barriers to usage of cleansing water: 46% of consumers perceive these products as more expensive then rinse-off cleansers, 28% agree they have confusing directions for use.

“While the facial skincare category has experienced tepid sales over the years, in 2015 we saw declines for the first time in five years. Moving forward, the category’s success will rely on younger consumers and the growing facial cleanser segment, with an emphasis on natural, recognizable ingredients and innovation like ‘waterless cleansing.’ To broaden the appeal of these products, brands should be proactive in addressing concerns surrounding cost and usage instructions,” concluded Shannon Romanowski, Category Manager, Health, Household, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel.

Read more coverage on the report at Mintel

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