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Despite its newcomer status, May Lan Dong and Meghan Asha’s year-old FounderMade summit has already established itself as a premiere showcase and valuable educational forum for entrepreneurs.

While much of the activity during FounderMade’s Beauty 2016 conference centered around A-lister-studded panel discussions, BeautyMatter took the opportunity to hit the “Discovery Lounge” indie exhibition floor to check some of the out the fascinating, innovative people and offerings. This year featured DIY formulations and regimens (LOLI, Shtrands), ethical, sustainable ingredients (True Moringa), and a clever travel-ready, all-natural face wash (Feather & Bone).

Science also took center stage with electrical aesthetic treatment (ZIIP Beauty), and products designed to reduce the skin’s inflammatory immune responses (Immunocologie).

Next up for FounderMade is Wellness LA on October 23rd, 2016.

Thanks to all of the FounderMade entrepreneurs and exhibitors that shared their time and stories with us:

Melanie Simon, ZIIP Beauty (winner of The Future of Beauty Challenge)
Sasha Plavsic, ILIA
Karen Ballou, Immunocologie
Renee Edwards, Never Underestimate Simple
Andrea Pierce-Naymon, OY-L
Michele Racioppi, Cosmedicine

Emily Doyle, Ursa Major
Lacramioara Schulte auf’m Erley, Shtrands
Shubhangini Prakash, Feather & Bone
Emily Cunningham, True Moringa
Daily Harvest Smoothies

Apologies to fellow editor Roseanna Roberts for dumping coffee on her name tag.

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