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So far we’ve explored the eFEMeralNight Fever, and Natural Rugged color trends from the SS17 CAUS Beauty Color Forecast. Now, let’s look at the last trend, Sugar Coated.

Cosmetics gain a sense of humor this season, with a palette of candy-coated colors. As generation Z enters the market with some serious purchasing power, their influence is felt across the category. This youthful segment gravitates to bright, light-hearted tones—a possible antidote to the much more damaged world they will inherit—signaling a shift toward an anti-austerity aesthetic. Explosive, seemingly psychedelic colors provide an offbeat trend, encouraging artistic and creative experimentation in makeup and creating a theatrical representation of the individual.

The Sugar Coated color trend is characterized by:

  • Exaggerated makeup in rainbow hues emphasizes a less-than-serious outlook and brings the fun back to beauty
  • Bright hues are used in combination with one another or singularly for a more subtle effect
  • Electric Five Alarm Fire provides an almost-fluorescent pick-me-up for the season; a “neo-neon” for SS17


ADDICTED | R248 G208 B70

A sunny yellow that acts as the ultimate highlighter.


GYOKORO | R54 G139 B68

This mid-tone natural shade updates tea green with maturity.


5 ALARM | R205 G67 B60

Red is set ablaze with this high-intensity hue that borders on fluorescent.


UBE | R178 G78 B125

Spirited and sassy, this candied magenta is sweet for spring.


PUNCH DRUNK | R0 G143 B182

This blue hovers close to the neon border, cooling its heels as an intense bright.


Find out more about Color Trend Forecasts from the Color Association website.

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