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I am a firm believer that people spend too much time in their offices and in front of computer screens. Inspiration can come from anywhere if you’re open to it, and hearing others’ thoughts and experiences always gets the wheels of creativity moving for me.

I am a huge fan of the team at The Red Tree and founder Stirling Murray. We met several years ago speaking on an HBA panel and found that we were kindred spirits, and the rest is history. Our relationship is one made in networking heaven. We’ve become collaborators, supporters, and business resources for each other, so when Stirling asked me to speak at this year’s Beauty Symposium, I jumped at the chance. While I’m looking forward to sharing the Odin Fragrance brand through the lens of this year’s topic—Face, Place, Space—I think I’m more excited to hear the other panelists’ thoughts on the subject.

FACE – We recognize faces, and your target market needs to recognize yours. We like faces that are truthful and honest, that don’t exaggerate and tell it like it is. Your brand should do the same.

PLACE – Know your target market.  Know where your target resides both for information and the likely place of purchase and plan to be there. Being in a place irrelevant to your target is a waste of time and effort.

SPACE – Build space around your brand so that it occupies a place that is unique. Critically question why your brand is different, how it genuinely benefits the consumer and why it is better than its competitive set. Let it occupy a space untouched by other brands.

Michael Van Clarke – Hairdresser, Entrepreneur, and Visionary
Lara Morgan – Owner, Scentered, and Founder of Pacific Amenities
Crispin Reed – Founder Skyscraper Consulting
Paula Zuccotti – Ethnographer, Photographer, and Trends Forecaster
Kelly Kovack – Founder, BeautyMatter, and Co-Founder, Odin Fragrances

If you’re in London on March 7, it’s worth the investment of a few hours. This conference also donates all profits to Look Good Feel Better, so you get a few hours out of the office, get some inspiration, and do some good–all at the same time.

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