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Winky Lux believes makeup should be uncomplicated, affordable, and influenced by today’s social trends. Co-founder Natalie Mackey began her career in finance, and is a fast-thinking entrepreneur with a passion for disruption. With Winky Lux, she is trying to take market share from drugstores, targeting millennials by offering luxurious products at a drugstore price.

By maintaining an extremely fast-paced turnaround time, the brand can react immediately to trends to maintain relevancy and create social buzz. Winky Lux launches new products every 15-30 days, with a hard-and-fast 45-day product manufacturing rule. Mackey feels that the faster they launch, the more customers they get. She is focused on growing their social media following and identifying more trends that can become future products.

The Winky Lux team consists of young millennials who track millennial publications and influencers to scout out new trends. With over 50,000 direct customers, the brand does 30 percent of its business online. They are currently in over 1,000 doors internationally and plan to expand in retailers like Target, with a masstige positioning. They will also launch a stand-alone store this summer on the Lower East Side.

Read the full interview with Natalie Mackey, Co-founder of Winky Lux, written by Belisa Silva at SWAAY.

Image Source: @winkylux

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