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Historically, Tiffany has partnered beautiful visuals with a brand voice that carries a bit of humor and wit. From “Blue is the color of dreams” to “Love is in the air” to “You color my world,” there is a joy and personality that comes through. With this history in mind, Tiffany has figured out an approach that leverages the 140 characters of Twitter to promote the culture it has created around language.

Much like perfecting the cut of a gemstone, the brand has placed focus and commitment into mastering their Twitter craft. Interestingly, the tweets that often do best are not specific to the Tiffany product or brand, but simply a relatable one-liner that is easily shared, often with a twist like, “The only thing blue on Monday should be a Tiffany Blue Box,” to tap into people’s gloom at the start of the week.

Tiffany’s efforts have reaped rewards; their Twitter following is up 30% from this time last year, to 1.4 million.

To learn more about Tiffany’s approach to Twitter and other social platforms, please click here.

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