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In a recent post on i-D, they interview video and performance artist Elsa Philippe and showcase the gamified art contest she has developed for The Mercury Theatre during her residencies at Heima in Iceland and at Laboratory in Spokane, Washington.

The “game” concept has a select group of international contemporary artists, posting anonymously, attempting to win favor or “Likes.” The contest will function a lot like a reality TV show, where favorites are picked, move to the next round, and one eventually is the public’s selected victor.

Beyond the compelling theory of the contest, what is interesting and worthy of paying attention to is the scripting of how Instagram is being utilized. Artists interpret the world through an alternate lens, and use all the tools we normal folks have in a different way. For social media platforms to continue to deepen their engagement with consumers we are going to have to go beyond the selfie. It is hard to imagine, a world where the selfie doesn’t rule, but its popularity will fade, and how we use these various platforms will evolve. This contest is an early showcase of how to employ the Instagram platform in a refreshed way … so brands, take notice!

Read more of i-D’s coverage, and follow The Mercury Theatre Instagram Art Contest.

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