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To all the 400 million Instagram active users out there, whether you are a brand, influencer, celebrity, or just a regular ole private individual, you will now be able see how many times your 15sec video is watched. Today, Instagram starts to enable the ability to see the video count to a limited number of users, with a plan to roll out network-wide in the coming weeks.

For some individuals, this will be a new statistic to measure against their level of cool because, after all, the ones with the most views “wins.” But, this “improvement” is really about Instagram, and putting tools forth that have the potential to lead to better content. With the ability to measure views, brands will learn what video content is working on the platform and will create more of it. The competitive influencer / creative will have a new platform where their content can be quantified, and if the influencer / creative proves to produce content that racks up views, that opens up the potential for them to be tapped by brands as a creator. As the content gets better that leads to more eyeballs, more eyeballs means more engagement with the platform, which leads to the ultimate end goal of Instagram being able to charge more to those who want to infiltrate their user base.

Taking a step beyond trying to interpret the value of this new metric, the new, really important fact is that the race is ON for who will be crowned King, or Queen, of Instagram video!

Read more on the impact of view count for Instagram, TechCrunch.


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