Visual Search Comes To Pinterest

In a concerted effort to evolve beyond an idea-sharing platform to a shopping destination, Pinterest has launched a visual search feature. The concept: see a cool product; t-shirt, shoes, [...]

Just the Numbers: Textured Hair 2016

Textured Trends fifth annual Consumer Insights Report draws from more than 5,000 consumers, including 500 straight-haired consumers to explore purchasing behavior, product usage, and preferences. [...]

Sun Protection: The Next Frontier

Sun Protection 2.0! SnappyScreen is trying to revamp sunscreen from head to toe. The world’s first “touchless sunscreen application system” is currently rolling out at hotels across the US and [...]

365: A Whole Foods Millennial Spinoff

Trying to shed its Whole Paycheck persona, Whole Foods launched 365 by Whole Foods Market, a more affordable spinoff. The store in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles is the first of 19 in [...]