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Trying to shed its Whole Paycheck persona, Whole Foods launched 365 by Whole Foods Market, a more affordable spinoff. The store in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles is the first of 19 in development and is designed to appeal to younger, millennial shoppers. This new concept is in line with recent trends in the channel as grocery stores embrace the concept of curation, segmentation, and experience rather than competing on location alone.  A 365 stocks only a quarter as many products as a regular Whole Foods. The store is 28,000 square feet (about half the size of the Whole Foods in Venice), open plan, with low shelves and many tablets for scanning, weighing, and printing. The implication is that you can help yourself. The new concept incorporates many and varied digital encounters in an attempt to appeal to the millennial mind-set.  Only time will tell if 365 by Whole Foods Market will be a massive success, or if it ends up being a gimmicky grocery flop.

365 by Whole Foods Market stores in development:


  • Santa Monica – opening date TBA
  • San Francisco – opening date TBA
  • Concord– opening date TBA
  • Claremont – opening date TBA
  • Los Alamitos – opening date TBA
  • Long Beach – opening date TBA
  • North Hollywood – opening date TBA



  • Bellevue – opening fall 2016


  • Houston – opening date TBA
  • Cedar Park – opening date TBA


  • Cincinnati – opening date TBA
  • Akron – opening date TBA
  • Toledo – opening date TBA


  • Evergreen Park – opening date TBA


  • Bloomington – opening date TBA


  • Decatur – opening date TBA


  • Gainesville – opening date TBA

Read more about the retail concept in the New Yorker


Photo Credit: Whole Foods 365

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