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Textured Trends fifth annual Consumer Insights Report draws from more than 5,000 consumers, including 500 straight-haired consumers to explore purchasing behavior, product usage, and preferences. Textured hair is a dynamic category that has gone from niche to mainstream. No longer is the category defined by ethnicity but a focus on texture.  These consumers are “product junkies,” who will use whatever works blurring the lines between professional, niche and prestige products.

  • 60% of the global population has natural curls, coils or waves
  • US consumers with textured-hair spend on average $37 a month on product, 20% more then those will straight hair
  • 75%  shop primarily in in-store, but do extensive research
  • 50% continue to buy new products even after they have found their Holy Grail product
  • 77% cocktail products
  • 47% rank reviews as the most important purchasing consideration of a new product
  • 44% rank ingredients as the top purchasing consideration of a new product
  • 50% say a sample encouraged them to purchase a product
  • 54% consider Shea Butter the most desirable ingredient followed by Argan Oil
  • Only 11% of coily consumers rank frizz as a concern, while 46% of wavy-haired consumers ranked frizz as their top concern
  • 42% of women with coily hair wear their hair natural most often

Read more about this report at CEW Beauty Insider

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