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How will brands innovate to stay competitive over the next decade? Mintel identifies four key beauty trends they believe will impact the global beauty industry over the next ten years.

Trend: Augmented Human                                                                                                                 The line between human and technology device is blurring. Consumers become more reliant on technology to manage health and beauty giving them greater control.

  • 30% of US women say they are interested in trying a facial skincare product with an integrated diagnostic tool.
  • 18% of Chinese consumers own a wearable device, up from 13% in 2014.
  • 64% of Chinese consumers who buy luxury goods are interested in interactive or digital experiences available in-store such as virtual mirrors, virtual reality headsets, and interactive displays.
  • In the UK, 13% of consumers – rising to 23% of female consumers aged 16-24 – who have had hair treatments or services in a salon are interested in using smart mirrors to digitally view their desired style or color before committing to an appointment.

Trend: Water The New Luxury                                                                                                         As consumption outstrips supply and water becomes a precious commodity consumers will demand that beauty brands change manufacturing and formulation to limit the dependence on water.

  • Two-thirds of the world’s population could be at risk of water shortages by 2025 at current consumption rates according to The World Wildlife Fund.
  • 33% of UK consumers say they would pay more for fixtures that save on water or energy bills, while 27% always try to take shorter showers.
  • 27% of UK consumers use less or reuse water.
  • 13% of all consumers in the UK say they are interested in dry use soap, bath and shower products with interest rising to 24% of consumers aged 16-24.
  • 28% of French consumers age 16-24 are interested in dry use soap, bath, and shower products.

Trend: Power Play                                                                                                                                   Consumers are tired. The pace of modern life is causing and energy crisis requiring consumers to make long-term changes in lifestyle to address falling energy levels. Beauty brands are creating products to address the issue and putting energy claims front and center in messaging.

  • 9% of UK adults say they hate feeling low on energy.
  • In the US, tiredness or fatigue ranks second as a health concern, cited as a major issue by 28% of Americans.
  • 72% of Chinese facial skincare users want to improve their skin by improving the quality of their sleep, 64% wanting to eat a more balanced diet and 59% wanting to get more exercise.
  • 74% of Brazilian adults say sleep is one of the top three factors of a healthy life, 49% pointing to exercise and 46% citing a balanced diet.
  • According to Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), facial skincare products featuring energy claims represented 12% of global launches from January to October of 2015, up from 10.5% in 2014, while eye care launches mentioning energy grew from 13% to 15% and shampoo launches increased from 2.7% to 3.2% of global launches over the same period.

Trend: Gastromania                                                                                                                               Beauty from the inside out and the desire for natural ingredients are bringing beauty products out to the labs and into consumers kitchen counters.

  • 50% of UK men believe facial skincare products with natural ingredients are better for the skin.
  • 42% of UK personal care consumers buy natural and organic personal care products because they believe they are better for the environment.
  • 57% of consumers in the US purchase them because they don’t contain unnecessary ingredients or chemicals.
  • 48% of Italian and Spanish consumers buy natural and organic personal care products because they believe the products are better for their health.

Download the full report from Mintel.

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