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Instagram entered our lives just a mere six years ago. Given the lightning-fast aging of social properties these days, I guess this makes Instagram officially middle aged! So, what does Instagram have to show for its six glorious years? Quite a lot actually, and that’s above and beyond the fact that the platform is still here, relevant, and growing.

Instagram at six, courtesy of BuzzFeed.

  • 500 million active monthly users
  • 100 million active daily users of Stories
  • 500,000 monthly advertisers
  • A new logo (I am still struggling with this change)
  • An updated algorithmic feed vs its original chronological feed

And, let’s call attention to the 100 million users on Stories, which launched 2 months ago. With Snapchat at 150 million global active daily users, the developers at Instagram clearly tapped into a need their user base was craving, or ready to at least give a new content format a try.

We will all, without a doubt, wait, watch, and see how Instagram moves into the future. Onward!

See BuzzFeed for a more in-depth look into Instagram at six.

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