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Over the next few weeks, we will review the Color Association of the United States‘ Spring/Summer Beauty Color Forecast.

Overview of SS17 Beauty Color Trends
Color continues to be top-of-mind in the beauty industry as more women begin to feel comfortable experimenting with a brighter palette. Spring/Summer 2017 sees high-intensity hues adorning lids and lips, with a look-at-me approach.

In the past few seasons, many trend stories have centered on the growing importance of strong female character. This notion continues to gain momentum, a sign that we are in the midst of a more permanent shift. Though the specific influences and palettes may vary, the undercurrent is constant.

eFEMeral is the first in a series of 4 trends.

As women continue to soar in all professional fields, an overriding message has become clear. Women today are powerful, unapologetic, and in control. These trailblazing dames are definitive about what they want and are not afraid to show it off to the world. As such, the color palette has evolved to retain a feminine quality, but with an edge. Smoky undertones add sophistication to pastels tints. There is an undercurrent of nostalgia with a nod to ’50s shades—a reminder of a time when women did not have the same freedoms, tethered to the kitchen with a baby on each hip. This trend is one fueled by an enlightened confidence, supported by colors that tell a story.

This trend is characterized by a palette of retro modern hues; pretty with a (dirty) edge.

  • A palette of retro modern hues; pretty with a (dirty) edge
  • Pink evolves into warm coral for the season
  • Red-based purple provides a powerful pop of color


eFEMeral colors include:

OWN THE ROOM | R144 G90 B134

The warm undertone in this purple makes it vibrate with femininity.



A lavender neutral that creates the perfect base, especially on the eye.


GRACE | R174 G178 B160

This powdery green has a blue tint to make it cool.


REFINED | R116 G111 B106

A gray that borders on brown, creating a depth perfect for cosmetics.


CHARMED | R210 G127 B121

A quintessential cosmetic pink with a touch of nostalgia.

Find out more about Color Trend Forecasts from the Color Association website.

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