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So far we’ve explored the eFEMeral and Night Fever color trends from the SS17 CAUS Beauty Color Forecast. Now, let’s look at Natural Rugged.

This trend comes as no surprise, given that our environment inspires us. Its condition affects the quality of our daily life. Currently, those surroundings are in a less-than-perfect state. The threat to our natural resources—from water to food supplies—makes headlines almost daily. As such, focus shifts to the rugged, exposed side of nature. The palette takes inspiration from the impact brought about by “aftermath,” be it from drought, flood, or earthquake. Exposed earth and sediment produce a striking mix of colors. Makeup becomes an outlet for the rustic finishes created by natural materials, referencing nature’s debris—from churned clay to rocky, weathered gravel.

Characteristics of this trend:

  • Texture becomes an integral element of this story—with caked, chalky, and matte finishes
  • Unexpected color pairings of honey, clay, and citron create a modern palette anchored in nature
  • Classic white and charcoal balance the more trend-forward hues


Natural Rugged colors include:


NAKED CHALK | R227 G221 B209

natural rugged color trend naked chalk
Rough and raw like unearthed limestone, this chalky white should be used matte and opaque.


IN THE RAW | R224 G168 B91

natural rugged color trend in the raw
If gold could be sweet, this honey hue would be its definition.


SEDIMENT | R162 G116 B125

natural rugged color trend sediment
This faded rose shade has blue undertones that give it a neutrality to easily blend with brights and subtle tints alike.


HYBRID | R170 G147 B62

natural rugged color trend hybrid
A mid-tone green with a retro sharpness created by its strong dirty-yellow influence.


GRAVEL | R58 G57 B58

natural rugged color trend gravel
Black looks whack when compared to this multidimensional charcoal with a neutral grit.


Find out more about Color Trend Forecasts from the Color Association website.

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