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In our first post we explored eFEMeral, the first of four color trends from the SS17 CAUS Beauty Color Forecast. Let’s look at the second trend, Night Fever.

In recent seasons, color has become a mainstay in the world of beauty. Women are eager to take more risks, and have embraced bold lips, energetic eyes, and a rainbow assortment of nails for big nights out on the town. Inspired by colorful evening looks, saturated styles have started to creep into daytime. Unafraid to be noticed, the modern woman is confident enough to call attention to herself at all hours, including through her choice of cosmetics. Dark lips have started to make an appearance at brunch and in the workplace, paving the way for more night-to-day crossover looks. Traditional après sundown smoky eyes now move into the daylight, creating dramatic focal points on the face. These darkened shades are enlivened with colorful undertones, creating a playful edge—an afternoon delight!

This trend is characterized by:

  • Light neutrals softening the sharpness of darker hues
  • Cool tones creating a relaxed palette, helping transition deep colors into day
  • Butter yellow entering the forecast as a key new color


Night Fever colors include:

BARE ASSED | R198 G176 B161

caus color trends bare assed
A classic natural skin tone – nude meets nature.


MOONED | R241 G224 B147

Like a shining star, this yellow has a distant glow.



Look again, it’s not black…a deep plum shade perfect for outlines.


ESCORTED | R62 G69 B97

A colored navy that gently transitions dark tones to daytime.


TIGHT WAD | R81 G89 B77

Dirty money green works hard to get clean. Good thing it can’t—we like living on the edge.


Find out more about Color Trend Forecasts from the Color Association website.

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