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Personally, I will gladly listen to any advice Leonard Lauder has to give, and I don’t know anyone in the beauty industry that doesn’t feel the same way. His generosity and love of the industry are infectious and a true inspiration. Who wouldn’t want to take advice from someone who has “been earning good money since I was 13”? So to that point below are some of the words of wisdom he shared with Katy Young from The Telegraph.

  1. Respect work.
  2. Do the best job possible. Don’t chase a promotion.
  3. You can’t learn with your mouth open. Listen, learn, and get on with it.
  4. Be fast on your feet. The speed of business today requires quick learning and agility.
  5. Trust your instincts and be intuitive in business or pay the consequences.
  6. Being able so see someone’s face matters. What someone might say with their mouth, they might not say with their eyes.
  7. Be patient and teach your employees. As a business grows a leader needs to work through other people, give them incentives, and be patient with them.

See The Telegraph for all of Leonard Lauder’s insights.

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