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Tribe Dynamics, the beauty industry’s go-to influencer platform, is taking their show on the road and expanding into international markets, beginning in Q1 of next year in UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, with future expansion planned for South Korea, Brazil, Japan, and China. Founded in 2012 by Conor Begley and Jon Namnath, the company now works with some of the beauty industry’s well-known brands, private equity firms, and Fortune 500 companies.

So how are they going to keep up with the growth? Tribe Dynamics has scaled to a team of 30 people without taking any significant outside investment, and will continue to focus on building out data science and engineering teams while adding support staff who have an understanding of local markets and language. Tribe will have teams on the ground in Paris and London as early as Q1 of 2017.

Conor Begley said, “Fortunately, we have been able to grow off of the strength of the value we deliver to our customers, so outside investment has been unnecessary. This has only been possible because of the strength of our offering, as over 70 percent of our clients are referrals. By having our clients drive our growth, it allows us to be solely answerable to our clients’ needs and to focus all of our effort on delivering a product of great value.”

Read the full release in CEW Insider.

Photo: Tribe Dynamics

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