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Being “green” or “natural” is no longer a differentiator for brands, but rather green beauty is an expectation by consumers that are more educated than ever on the topic. The natural and organic personal care market is on track to reach $25 billion by 2025. For a category that remains relatively undefined, it presents an opportunity. As the trend broadens and consumer attitudes continue to shift, the range of growth potential for new product formulation, benefits, and positioning grows.

According to Ildiko Szalai of Euromonitor International:

Green Beauty Growth Opportunities:

  • There are multiple angles to green beauty, but they hinge on two interrelated influences: environment and society, and people and values.
  • The health aspects of ingredients remains a priority.
  • Clean beauty concepts gain traction.
  • More specificity on anti-pollution claims.
  • Tap into trends early.

Green Beauty Growth Challenges:

  • Balancing cost and benefit ratios and managing consumers’ willingness, or lack of, for paying more for greener beauty.
  • Beauty consumers are not trading off efficacy for natural ingredients if they don’t deliver high performance.

Read the full post on the Euromonitor blog.

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