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“Content is king” has been internalized by brands and marketers, but not all content is created equally—simply writing blogs doesn’t constitute a content strategy. The data scientists at Contently tracked the behavior of their clients over the past year, examining 3,200 stories, and shared the results comparing infographics and blogs.

The Numbers on infographics:

  • They reach 54% more readers than blog posts
  • The cost of reaching one reader is $0.04, versus $1.77 for a blog post
  • They have a 73% completion rate. Blog posts have a 66% completion rate.
  • They have a clear advantage in both audience growth and engagement
  • Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3X more than any other type of content according to Hubspot

A successful content plan requires varied assets to maximize engagement and, judging by the numbers above, infographics should be part of the mix. While more expensive to create then a blog post, it’s worth the investment to at least test the validity of the data from Contently.

Read the full story on Contently.


Photo: Wiliam Iven via Unsplash

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