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There is no shortage of retail technology businesses, but AllWork is the first to focus on the people who make sales happen. Having the right person in the right store at the right time can very literally be the difference between success and failure in a retailer.

If you are a brand owner or are responsible for sales, you’ve probably experienced it the hard way. Does this sound familiar? While reviewing sales by door you notice sales in a particular door plummet, and after a little digging you find out the person selling your brand and making the sales happen wasn’t there for the period in question. What follows is a scramble to find out why there was no coverage, or fill the position and stop the decline in sales.

“The business was created out of a personal need,” says AllWork Chairman Scott Gurfein. “I was spending over $300K per month on in-store talent to drive sales for my brand, and I had no way to measure the ROI to guide my spending. I was also exposed to huge liabilities trying to comply with varying labor laws.”

According to WWD, brands and retailers need to prepare for the shift to an on-demand or freelancer staffing model in the beauty business.

Read the full release at PR Newswire.

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