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BeautyMatter was onsite to get schooled on the buzziest trends in health and wellness at the most recent FounderMade conference. The wellness industry is a new one, and it continues to grow in innovative ways. While the definition of wellness means something different to everyone, the common denominator is how well you feel. Perfection is out while balance is in. Over the course of the day we learned about nutrition, exercise, and meditation, and explored a host of innovative products.


Isa’s Restoratives – Skin Care
These highly potent skin care products are handcrafted by the brand’s founder, Isa Brito. To call her a plant enthusiast is an understatement. Born and raised on a farm in Brazil, Isa studied with herbalists around the world and now collects raw, natural ingredients in the wild. Her passion for quality and women’s health motivates Isa to develop a targeted collection based in herbal science and ancient wisdom.

PiperWai – Deodorant
Putting one of the wellness industry’s star ingredients to work, PiperWai introduces a natural deodorant with a formula based in activated charcoal. Known for its absorbent and odor-neutralizing properties, the cream-based formula is the latest to try its hand at a healthy hit for the pits.

Dr. Brite – Oral Care
In an effort to combat harmful ingredients in the dental industry, sisters Pooneh (an accomplished dentist) and Paris (a breast cancer surgeon) combined forces to develop a healthy, all-natural oral care collection. The line features dental products for adults, kids, and pets as well as skin care. The teeth-whitening pens are standout products as a healthy, on-the-go option for a brighter smile.

Lumion – Skin Care
As busy fitness-focused, on-the-go women, Lumion founders Amy and Lisa saw an opportunity to create an honest, accessible, and easy product range. The basis for the formula in the products grew from a family recipe that features hypochlorous acid (HOCL)— a substance found naturally occurring in the human body. The unique fusion of 02 + HOCL replenishes the skin to bring back its natural youthful radiance. The replenishing mist and serum are a one-two punch for maximum efficacy.

MotherDirt – Skin Care
Americans tend to be obsessed with antibacterial everything. MotherDirt turns this predisposition on its head, encouraging restoration of good bacteria on the skin. Just like the gut, the balance of the skin’s ecosystem encourages optimal health. The hero ingredient here is AOB (ammonia-oxidizing bacteria), a peacekeeping bacteria that consumes the irritating parts of sweat and converts it into skin benefits. This biome-friendly product range also improves skin clarity and appearance of oily skin with its line of cleanser, moisturizer, and shampoo.

Dame  – Sex Toys
Riding on the wave of women’s empowerment, Dame Products introduces sex toys that focus on female pleasure. Founded by real women to satisfy real women’s needs, the brand’s product development is a continuous process that incorporates user feedback and sex science. Quality materials and intuitive, innovative design are high priority. The female-forward, high-contrast brand colors and playful product tones are a welcome change from the classic “pink.”

Mark your calendar for upcoming FounderMade conferences:

Food  Hudson Loft, LA – April 8, 2017

Beauty Spring Studios, NY – June 2, 2017


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