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Influencers are fast eclipsing editors as the source of brand and product discovery for women. As brands allocate more budget to influencer marketing, it’s important to remember that conversation happens with authentic content. In a survey taken in November 2016, Bloglovin’ polled 22,000 women in their user base to uncover how real women feel about sponsored content.

  • 54% of women purchased a product after seeing an influencer recommendation
  • 45% followed a brand directly from an influencer’s post
  • 37% of women have unfollowed an influencer because of too much sponsored content
  • 61% said if the content doesn’t feel authentic it deters them from engaging in sponsored social posts
  • 59% said posts that are inconsistent with the rest of the influencer’s content feel fake
  • 30% feel posts labeled with hashtag #ad of #paid are inauthentic
  • 62% follow influencers on at least two platforms
  • 33.8% follow influencers on three platforms
  • 57.1% engage with sponsored content on Facebook
  • 48.4% interact with sponsored content on Instagram
  • 7% engage with influencer posts on Snapchat

Women don’t want to be “marketed to” and they can spot a fake, so keep it real when it comes to influencer marketing. Let influencers do what they do best—create content through their unique lens that connects with their fan base.

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