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Idea Therapy: new magic words. They’ve become so because ideas are becoming products in themselves as the new commodity of our desires.

Marcel Duchamp said, about his transition from painting to conceptual art: “I was interested in ideas, not merely in visual products.” Hans-Ulrich Obrist, the curator (who never sleeps), explains, “It’s not that objects are now obsolete, on the contrary, but they’re only one aspect, one possibility. Now is the time to think of different dimensions.”

James Altucher has written a book focusing on “how to bridge harsh reality with the world of imagination: how to become an Idea Machine.” He explains why ideas are the new currency and why ideas are so closely linked to wealth—as he put it, “Ideas are the true currency of this next century. Not money. Money gets depleted until you go broke. But good ideas buy you good experiences, buy you better ideas, buy you better experiences, buy you more time, save your life.”

Think tank Common Weal launched a book presenting 101 ideas for a better Scotland: “Demand ideas—because ideas shape the future. And Scotland and its people really do deserve a better future.”

An archive of ideas—it seems we want that in abundance! How will this (idea of Idea-ism) develop?Here are some thought starters. Cheers to ideas, insight, and inspiration!:

  1. Think of incubators as a repository for unrealized ideas, spaces dedicated to idea generation and creative thinking, concept salons, behind-the-scenes creative archives, etc.
  2. The less-is-more and mindfulness movements are powering this trend, too.

Related References:

  • New Inc in New York City is a museum-led “incubator” built specifically to generate ideas.
  • Ideas City Festival, a five-day event dedicated to the birth of new thought taking place in New York City fall 2017.
  • Book of Ideas by creative director Radim Malinic of design firm Brand Nu.
  • Social & Studies, a New York design studio attentive to the production of ideas.
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