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Sharmadean Reid is revolutionizing the beauty industry through nail art, technology, and girl power. WAH Nails started as a hip-hop magazine for girls while she was still at university. Over the past seven years, she built a nail art empire with salons, products, pop-ups, and cutting-edge virtual reality.

Last fall Reid opened the nail salon of the future in London, where customers create nail designs via augmented reality, giving her Gen-Z fanbase full control over customization, limited only by their imagination. We’re not talking about taking photos on your phone—she’s pushing the boundaries of augmented reality.

Reid told The Evening Standard, “Technology has always been a facilitator to the cool things I wanted to do. I put our success down to the fact that we were digitally savvy from day one. Now I’m more interested in the tools to power our business.”

Listen to Sharmadean Reid share tips, mistakes, and lessons learned in the seven-year journey of building WAH in a Monocle podcast.

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