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Finding the right match is rarely easy. Sometimes it’s love at first sight, but most of the time you’re left kissing a lot of frogs until you find the “one.” The same can be true in business. The key to success in beauty is part brand and product, but an even bigger part is distribution.

Successfully building a global brand requires finding the perfect match (distributor) in every country or region you intend to do business—that’s an awful lot of frogs to kiss. This can be a daunting and tedious task because, unlike the front end of the beauty business, the back end of the industry has been largely untouched by technology. The global distribution network is a little old school and best navigated through a lot of research, networking, trade shows, and referrals. This process can be time-consuming, expensive, and certainly not efficient.

Well, distribution is about to get a whole lot easier. Industry veteran Dennis Buis has taken 15 years of experience and relationships in international business development and created a matching platform to facilitate connecting brands with 1,500 distributors called Cosmatch. Think of it as sort of a Tinder for beauty. According to Buis, he founded Cosmatch “with the aim to help suppliers expand their global distribution and to help distributors and retailers add interesting brands and concepts to their portfolio/assortment.”

So how does it work? Brands create profiles showcasing their products. Distributors and retailers can easily navigate the platform for potential “matches” through a dynamic search engine. If there’s a match a connection can be made immediately. Cosmatch just made building a global brand just a little bit easier.

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