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So what is a head prop? Tomihiro Kono defines a head prop as a piece of wearable art that transforms the wearer into a new character. He is known as the hair guy for fashion designer Junya Watanabe and has a well-earned reputation for pushing the boundaries of hair and head styling. Kono told Dazed, “It’s quite hard to make something you’ve never seen as a hairstyling work, so I challenged myself to change how I create.”

His new book, aptly named Head Prop, shares the path from mastering the rigid step-by-step traditional Geisha style to the creation of the first head props in 2007, and the experimentation along the way.

From visually rich images to Kono’s commitment to exploration and boundary-pushing creativity, this book is pure inspiration.

Read the full Tomihiro Kono interview at Dazed.


Photo: Tomihiro Kono Blog

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