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As with other categories in the beauty industry, the U.S. hair care market is being driven by consumers seeking customized solutions and new claims. Suppliers and brands are leveraging technology, merging skincare claims and speed to market in an effort to keep up with consumer demands.

Data according to figures from Kline Group’s Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report and GCI:

  • The total value of the U.S. hair care market in 2016 was $13 billion, up .6% from 2015.
  • Shampoo makes up 34% of sales.
  • Conditioners represent 24% of the market.
  • Styling products and sprays constitute 20% of revenue.
  • Hair-coloring products are responsible for 14% of sales.
  • Multicultural/ethnic hair care represents 8% of the market.
  • Multicultural hair care saw the highest growth among all categories in 2016.
  • Problem-solving and target treatments drove the shampoo category.
  • Niche and independent brands for specific hair types and problem-solving solutions recorded double-digit growth.
  • 2016 saw an increase in products focusing on scalp care leveraging skincare-inspired breakthroughs.
  • Last year also saw a rise in styling products with extra benefits such as anti-aging, anti-pollution, thickening, etc.
  • Technology is finding its way into the category through products like Kérastase’s smart brush.

Read the full story in GCI.

Photo: Emma Simpson via Unsplash

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