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Instagram beauty for the month of May has been all about bold colors, interesting textures, and unconventional looks. This month’s top 5 Instagram beauty trends show how perfectly the visual nature of the platform captures the expressive artistry of makeup.

Yellow Blush

Photo: @ashmeredith_

Instagram beauty gurus and their fans alike are using golden highlighter and neon yellow eyeshadow as blush. The visual platform is a hub for makeup artists to showcase their talent, a creativity that is contagious to their followers. Unconventional colors are on the rise as beauty consumers are taking more risks with their look. With blue lipstick and green highlighters on the market, blush is the next category to get a psychedelic upgrade. The look is bold and bright, mimicking the sunshine of the upcoming summer months.

Eyebrow Carving

Photo: @alexalink

The Instagram brow has undergone many transformations, most recently landing on the technique of eyebrow carving. Last month’s eyebrow art trend has morphed into these framed decorative arches. This brow focus is essentially a smoky eye for the brow, created by drawing lines around the perimeter in eyeliner to define the edges, then blending it out with shadow to create the smoky effect.

Pom Poms & Polka Dots

Photo: @makeupmouse

Pom poms are incorporated into the latest Instagram beauty looks to combine the visual appeal of bold color and creative texture. This trend is a DIY arts and crafts project for your face. Fluffy multicolored puffballs are glued down with lash glue and typically centered around the eyes. This is a textured 3D embodiment that brings to life the more minimalist polka dot eyeliner look that also sprung on social media this month.

Fake Tears

Photo: @laurakalmakoff

Realistic fake tears are an added touch to makeup looks across Instagram beauty that arose from their sister trend, glitter tears. The fake tears are executed by dripping clear lip gloss or water activated face paints down the face. The aesthetic appeal here is creating a mystical sad-girl look that brings a lived-in vibe to elaborate makeup applications.

Minimalist Lip Line

Photo: @thebeauty_edit

A minimalist outline around a bare or nude pout is the graphic liner for your lips. This look accentuates the shape of the mouth by outlining the lip line with black eyeliner. The juxtaposition of nude matte lips and a shiny black liquid line creates a bold Instagrammable impact. Variations of the trend paint intricate designs around the lip line and play with different colors and finishes.
Look back at April’s Insta-Trends and be on the lookout for what’s coming in June!

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