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Ever since Walker and Company entered the beauty and grooming scene, with its keen focus on people of color, the startup with Silicon Valley in its DNA has been one to watch. After its successful introduction of the safety razor-based Bevel shave system, and a rapid follow-up with the Bevel electronic trimmer, the company led by CEO Tristan Walker is blazing a deeper trail into the deep and dedicated pockets of its core customer base. Just announced this week is its FORM Collection of hair care products for women.

As was the case with the Bevel system, Walker & Company are promoting and supporting FORM as much more than a series of similarly packaged products.

Using the tag line “You’re more than a hair type,” FORM is anchored around an initial release of 10 products: a suite of hair gels, cremes, conditioners, and shampoos. The collection is being positioned to offer customers a personalized approach, to help women learn what their actual hair care needs are, and help create a regime that will address their needs over time.

Using an online consultation, you can answer questions about where you live; how often you wash your hair; what types of products, chemicals, or protection you use for your hair; whether or not you’re pregnant; and more. At the end, potential customers end up with custom list of FORM products to use. You can even take things a step further in customization by submitting a hair sample.

As we’ve previously discussed on BeautyMatter, Walker & Company’s unique and precise focus on a so-called niche market has produced remarkably mainstream results for its short time on the planet. From landing the Bevel system in Target retail stores to scoring over $30 million in venture capital funding (rare for a startup aimed at people of color) to garnering high-profile investors-slash-endorsements from the likes of Nas to simply getting a notoriously un-diverse world like Silicon Valley to pay attention, Tristan Walker et. al., are helping make beauty and grooming for people of color sharp, clean, and sophisticated, without abandoning its roots.

Will the FORM Collection continue this trajectory? Time will, of course, only tell, but given its deep insight into the underserved market of men and women of color around the world, and its tech-startup origins, the FORM Collection looks to be smart start into the massive hair care category for women.

And while it’s clear in its marketing creative that FORM is acutely aware of the various forms and hair challenges for women of color, it offers solutions for hair of all textures, and for men as well as women, according to Walker & Company reps we spoke to.

Prices for the FORM Collection release range from $22 – 32, and include Hydrate: Moisturizing Conditioner, Protect: Shielding Heat Syrum, Polish: Moisture-Sealing Pomade, and Twist: Hydrating Style Creme, among others. Check out more information about the FORM Collection


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