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The worldwide health and wellness space is an industry currently valued at $3.72 trillion and is growing at over 10% annually. According to WellToDo, these are the top 4 categories within the colossal market to watch in the coming months:

Better Sleep

“For their recent Well Economy report into the burgeoning global wellness space, consultancy firm JWT surveyed over 1,000 US consumers and found that 58% think of sleep quality when asked about their health.” The need for quality sleep is urgent and consumers’ tired cries are being heard. “Going beyond the need for advice and coaching, innovative brands are leveraging the demand for sleep optimization by creating accessories that combine luxury and science to aid the process of nodding off.” From books filled with evidence-based sleep techniques, to yoga retreats, to luxury spas, and specialty mattresses, the list of methods and items available is quite long.

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