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Rodarte designers (and sisters) Kate and Laura Mulleavy understand that the manicure is an important element in completing an entire runway beauty look. The design house teamed up with lead Morgan Taylor manicurist Tracylee for their Paris Couture show. This partnership is unique because while Rodarte’s pieces’ price range is in the thousands and only available through elite retailers, Morgan Taylor nail polish is under $10 and widely available at beauty supply and department stores nationwide. 

So, what makes this the perfect partnership?

The Morgan Taylor team is a fixture backstage at NYFW. After successfully collaborating with Rodarte on their last show in New York in September 2016, they were invited to create the nail looks for Rodarte’s Paris couture debut. Manicurist Tracylee believes an attainable polish brand like Morgan Taylor fits the couture runway because most runway looks can be incorporated into daily wear. “If you work in a super corporate settin— try the nail art looks but in monotone shades, or play with textures and finishes. Take an image of the look to your local nail art salon and have them recreate for you,” she advises.

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