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You may be asking, what does back to school (BTS) have to do with beauty? Well, if you’re a kid or tween brand, it’s your season, but you’ve got to have a plan to maximize foot traffic in-store and online with traditional promotion amplified by a robust marketing stack. What better way to plan then with a view towards aligning with retailers’ strategic marketing plans?

RetailMeNot, whose audience is comprised of 48% parents, shares data to provide insight into impressions, audience, and behavior. Kelton conducted a survey on behalf of RetailMeNot survey on the marketing spend and promotional tactics from over 200 US retail marketing leaders.

  • 53% of retailers plan to make mobile marketing a top priority this year
  • 70% will issue mobile offers through partner platforms
  • 65% will issue mobile offers through their own app
  • 60% will issue mobile single-use promotion codes
  • Nearly 9 in 10 retailers will be increasing investment in mobile advertising (89%) or social advertising (88%)
  • Retailers plan to leverage social channels Facebook Live (74%), Instagram (60%), and Snapchat (55%)

Top Predicted Days For BTS Shopping in 2017:

  • Saturday, 8/5/17
  • Monday, 9/4/17 (Labor Day)
  • Friday, 8/4/17
  • Saturday, 8/12/17
  • Sunday, 8/13/17

It’s not too late to shift your marketing priorities for the 2017 BTS season.

Download the full RetailMeNot survey.

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