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Growing up, my mother gave me the sage advice that before leaving the house, I should stand in front of a full-length mirror and do a slow 360° degree turn to check all angles. This was likely more to ensure my skirt wasn’t tucked up into my tights! But, the larger point is you should be aware of what you look like from all angles, as people see you from all angles.

Now as I used this advice for what I will deem more practical purposes—the selfie—social media culture has ratcheted up our awareness of these “angles.” I’ll go out on a slight limb and say historically, women of all ages have felt the pressure of these angles, and to alter these angles (by multiple means) more than men. But, not anymore! According to Polly Mosendez’ piece in Bloomberg, millennial men are feeling the “all angles” pressure and making the investment in surgery to refine or correct what they see. The reasons men are seeking surgery will sound familiar. They want to feel better about themselves, please or be more pleasing to their partners, a desire to look less stressed, and remaining competitive in their careers. The most common procedures being sought are rhinoplasty (nose jobs), otoplasty (ear pinnings), and gynecomastia (male breast reduction).

To learn more on millennial men’s increasing interest in cosmetic procedures, read Bloomberg.

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