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Color Factory is the latest installation of Instagram-ready retail. The space, located in San Francisco, California, offers two stories and over 12,000 square feet of technicolor rooms, and larger-than-life original art works. Colored ribbons, a giant yellow ball pit, colorful stained glass windows, a pink fluorescent hallway and bathroom (very Glossier), and a rainbow staircase provide Insta-worthy imagery that serves as the ultimate selfie backdrop to bring colorful content creation to life.

Color Factory is created by Oh Happy Day founder Jordan Ferney, designer Erin Jang, and creative director Leah Rosenberg. Oh Happy Day is a blog and shop that was created by a party planner to sell cool color-coded party supplies. Erin Jang is an illustrator, designer, and art director. Leah Rosenberg is an artist with an eye for color and training in multiple mediums. This trio is the perfect mix to create a colorful masterpiece.

In this modern incarnation of pop art, the viewer is a part of the artwork itself. Pinks, blues, and yellows fill monochromatic rooms and striped rainbow walls so viewers can immerse themselves in their favorite hues. The colors are meant to evoke memories, and tasty treats available for purchase are all from local shops in San Francisco to support the local community.

This is a perfect example of Insta-ready retail because the color and surroundings facilitate content creation. Purchasing is seamless within the installations, because buying a yellow ice cream cone in the yellow room from Garden Creamery or a confetti cookie from Doughbies is just another “interactive” aspect of the colorful journey. Color Factory is expertly selling an experience.

Brands and patrons alike can align themselves in real life with popular hashtagged topics, and through photo-sharing opportunities by partnering with Color Factory or renting the space for a private event.  @colorfactory on Instagram has over 41K followers, and the hashtag #colorfactory has 5,000 perfectly prepared photos. Considering the massive art installment just opened in August, these numbers are pretty telling of what consumers want—experience over everything.

The pop-up experience is running from August through September. They’re open every day, except Wednesday, from 10 AM-10 PM, tickets are $32, and we’re personally offended that the Color Factory isn’t in New York.

Photo: @colorfactoryco

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