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Indie Beauty Expo New York 2017 was a sight to be seen indeed. Hundreds of indie brands engulfed the Skylight Clarkson Square studio with their booths, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the public eye. Every inch of the space was filled with independent wellness, beauty, and lifestyle brands attempting to stand out among the crowd; the venue was merely a snapshot of the supersaturated Indie Beauty Market that exists beyond the tall white walls.

This interactive trade show gave press, buyers, consumers, and other industry professionals the opportunity to experience, connect with, and buy product from an array of rising indie brands. “Consumers are moving away from old, established brands that have been over-marketed,” Naeymi-Rad, co-founder of the Indie Brand Expo (IBE), told Global Cosmetic Industry

A fusion of sustainability, community, passion, and quality is what lies at the core of these indie brands. “What’s providing oxygen to the market is the distinct shift in consumer preferences,” explained Naeymi-Rad. Today, people are looking for innovation, customized solutions, products that suit their values, lifestyles and demographics, and which are environm­entally friendly. In short, non-mainstream products.” 

Below are the 10 indie beauty brands we spoke to and asked the one question we kept asking ourselves: 

Out of the thousands of Indie Beauty Brands on the market, what makes your brand special?


Feather & Bone

Feather & Bone: “Our Face Gems! They are simple, pure, and portable. With just 3 pure and safe ingredients, the tiny tablet does your simple routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing all in one go. It is the beauty routine in your pocket.”




Seaweed Bath Co.


The Seaweed Bath Co: “The authentic story behind the founding of the brand and the unique science and power of seaweed to rejuvenate skin and hair. Our brand was founded as part of a search for natural and sustainable solutions for our founders’ dry skin, which led them to discovering thalassotherapy and the benefits of seaweed! We use bladderwrack seaweed sustainably harvested off the coast of Maine, which is nutrient rich with 65+ vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to rejuvenate to skin and hair.”


Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary: “We are blending the wilds of Canada into nourishing and effective skin care + wellness products. Formulated by an aesthetician and aromatherapist, our clean products work for all skin types and have proven results.”






Tilk!: “Tilk! is all-natural skin care from a small island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Saaremaa. This area has no pollution, so the local herbs that we use as ingredients are totally pure.”



Take My Face Off: “We’re a true disruptor, and those are rare. We love to say we’re saving the world from evil disposables, like facial wipes and cotton balls. Similar to how reusable water bottles came along to replace single-use plastic ones, we’re going to replace pollution-causing disposables like cotton balls and facial wipes. To do this, we’re reinventing washcloths—instead of clumsy, ugly, pieces of fabric, we design luxurious fabric tools that cleanse beautifully without aggravating skin.”



Osmia Organics: “The background of our founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco, is one of the most notable unique factors of Osmia. Dr. Villafranco left her career as an ER doctor to follow her passion of inspiring health on a more foundational level—she refers to the life-changing transition as ‘practicing her brand of medicine.’ Osmia focuses on simple, high-quality ingredients to help nourish skin that needs a soothing reset.”


Schique Skincare

Schique Skincare: “Schique Skincare is a vegan, natural, and anti-aging line that is especially unique because of our key ingredient: dandelion. We use proprietary dandelion extract for its natural protection shield helping the skin protect itself against environmental aggressors, such as pollution.”


Element Candles

Element Candles: “With each and every choice we made in product development, we were conscious of quality and style. We create timeless candles that are made from premium natural ingredients—with an ELEMENT candle, you don’t have to sacrifice health for fragrance.”



Lamik Beauty

LaMik Beauty: “What makes LaMik special is the message of my makeup – it will raise your self-esteem. L.A.M.I.K. stands for Love And Makeup In Kindness, because beauty is revealed, not applied.”


Joon Haircare



Joon Haircare: “Founder Shiva Tavakoli created Joon Haircare, which is inspired from Persian spices and herbs her grandmother used for decades in her cooking and beauty rituals. Joon is a universal haircare line that aims to over-deliver to medium hair types typically found in Middle Eastern, Asian, and Hispanic women.”


We look forward to what Indie Beauty Expo NYC 2018 has in store. See you there.

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