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Modiface is launching a web-based skin assessment platform that analyzes user images to recommend products and treatments. This new technology acts as a virtual skin consultation and is meant to be used by skin care brands to integrate into their own websites.

How it works

First, the user uploads a well-lit selfie taken from their phone or laptop. The photo is then analyzed in a series of steps to evaluate skin texture, hydration level, and discoloration. This analysis then gets linked to personalized suggestions to improve the user’s skin health.

How it’s used

The skin analysis tool can be integrated into brands’ websites through simple coding. This technology is compatible with operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android, and can be used on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

How it’s tested

The new technology has been tested with L’Oréal’s Vichy skin care brand, and recently went global on the Vichy website. Modiface is not new to this type of technology. They were recently granted a US patent for “skin visualization and quantification,” to build what the company has learned from previous versions of their skin analysis technology. Modiface has become known for their augmented reality and virtual try-on features. In the past they have implemented a lipstick chatbot for Facebook Messenger, and integrated eye-tracking capabilities with a virtual makeup try-on app.

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