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Nudestix is a makeup brand created by millennials for millennials and is taking the beauty industry by storm. In an era of YouTubers and makeup tutorials, Nudestix founders and teenage sisters Ally and Taylor Frankel were inspired to “break from the discerningly heavy and obvious make-up trends of old and saw a white space in the market for a more minimal, toned down look.” 

SWAAY reveals that the sister duo sought to produce a multipurpose makeup line that accentuated natural beauty. Their multi-form, multi-use, hassle-free stix debuted on QVC a few months ago and are now one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry—and it is easy to understand why. “Instead of trying to emulate beauty bloggers and celebrities, Ally and Taylor encourage you to look like yourself.”

“You don’t need to wear a full face. You can wear a little bit in strategic places to accentuate your features,” says Taylor. Nudestix are for the cheek, eyes, and lips, come in a beautiful array of shades, and simplify the beauty process in a multitasking world. The millennial founders’ mission is as simple as their easy-to-use maquillage crayons: why cover up your unique look with tons of makeup? 

To read more about the teenage sisters who reinvented makeup for the millennial minimalist, go to SWAAY.

Photo: @nudestix 

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