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If you want to know what makes indie beauty brands tick, it is founders like Jamie Kern Lima who trust their gut even when everyone else tells them they are wrong. It cannot be substantiated by research, it doesn’t come wrapped in a box with a nice bow, sometimes it’s messy, and it’s often not “investable,” but when entrepreneurs trust their gut and they’re right, they create industry-changing brands.

“We did something at IT Cosmetics that has never been done before in luxury beauty—we became a top-selling brand by using real women of all shapes, sizes, skin tones and skin issues,” says Kern Lima in press release. “Our success is proof to the beauty industry that you don’t need to use unattainable images of aspiration for women to buy your products. I think women are tired of seeing images that don’t look like them. When it comes to the images of beauty that we see as women, I believe IT Cosmetics is proof that the power of the people is greater than the people in power! It’s time for change.”

Let’s hope some of what Jamie Kern Lima said at the CEW Achiever Awards Event resonates with the beauty industry. Listen to her full speech.

IT Cosmetics CEO Calls Out the Beauty Industry, Calls for Change.

IT Cosmetics CEO Calls Out the Beauty Industry, Calls for Change. Share this video if you agree!

Posted by It Cosmetics on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Read the full press release.[/emaillocker-bulk-1][/emaillocker-bulk-2]

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