The Tribe Top 10: Beauty Conglomerates report provides rankings and analyses of the top 10 EMV-driving brands for seven leading beauty conglomerates during Q2 2017. This report, encompassing brands from Coty, Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oréal Group, LVMH, P&G, Shiseido Group, Unilever, tracks EMV trends across conglomerate portfolios and describes the most compelling influencer marketing stories. The top earning brands for five of the seven conglomerates were cosmetics brands, reflecting the sustained dominance of cosmetics brands in the overall influencer marketing space.

Conglomerates ranked below by total Q2 EMV generated by each conglomerate’s top 10 EMV-driving beauty brands

  • L’Oréal Group: In April, Essie invited members of the #essieclubcollab ($62.7K EMV), an influencer-founded group of Essie enthusiasts, to meet and bond in person for the first time in NYC. The invitees starred in a group photo shoot and created custom shades of nail polish at the brand’s laboratory, and continued to tag Essie in content after the trip. Essie closed the quarter with $14.9M EMV.
  • LVMH: Nine of the top 10 LVMH brands experienced quarter-over-quarter declines. Sephora enjoyed a modest 3% growth, surpassing Benefit as the top-earning brand in Q2.
  • Estée Lauder Companies: La Mer replaced Aveda in Estée Lauder Companies’ top 10 brands for Q2, exhibiting the conglomerate’s largest quarter-over-quarter growth at 24%. The brand received high EMV-driving endorsements from powerhouse YouTubers like Jeffree Star (jeffreestar) and Tati Westbrook (Tati), as well as engagement surrounding its charitable #LaMerWaveWalk ($580.1K EMV) initiative.
  • Shisheido Group: Conversations about Laura Mercier’s longtime hero product, the Translucent Loose Setting Powder, powered nearly half ($15.1M EMV) of its $32.0M Q2 total.
  • Coty: Maintaining its Q1 rank as Coty’s top EMV-generating brand, Rimmel collected $23.8M EMV in Q2. Rimmel enjoyed prolific content creation by Spanish bloggers who attended the Coachella music festival with the brand.
  • Unilever: Hourglass, acquired in June 2017, drove $20.3M EMV in Q2, replacing Q1 leader Dove as the top-performing brand in Unilever’s portfolio through sustained endorsement from star influencers like Tati Westbrook (YouTube’s Tati).
  • P&G: In Q2, haircare brands Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, and Aussie powered nearly half ($12.9M) of the total $29.0M EMV generated by P&G’s top 10 brands.

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