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The key trends in skin care for 2017 span three major markets: the US, France, and Japan. A compilation of top Google searches gives insight into consumer behavior that is strongly representative of the population. Each of these three key markets have distinct values when it comes to skin care, and though skin care trends spread from market to market, they evolve differently within each market. Trends that see traction in one market often travel to others and continue to expand globally. New regional trends that haven’t yet spread may indicate what’s to come.

The US

In the US a huge skin care trend has been the rise in vegan beauty. Searches for vegan skin care have grown by 83% year over year, with top trending terms like vegan soap, vegan skin care, vegan chapstick, and vegan body wash. This trend is beginning to grow in France as well, but residents of the US are 13 times more likely to search for vegan skin care products than someone in France. The vegan trend has not picked up in Japan. Aside from vegan skin care, bath bombs and DIY face mask are the terms with the top growth in the US. “Black bath bomb” and “carbonated bubble clay mask” specifically have growth % in the thousands.


Cellulite-related terms are by far the most popular in France. The time period of interest spikes may indicate that French consumers are more body conscious as the weather gets warmer. The French are 30 times more likely to search for cellulite than the average American, and 170 times more likely than someone in Japan. The most popular search terms are solution based, and include anti cellulite suction cup, anti cellulite oil, and cellulite thighs. Other popular skin care searches include “blackhead” and “peel off mask.”


Search terms in Japan focus much more heavily on cleansing and pores than in the US and France. The average person in Japan is 6 times more likely to search for cleansing than an American and 13 times more likely than someone in France. Trends like carbonated face masks initially started in Japan and have already hit the US. Some of the key search terms in Japan are “cleansing,” “enzyme face wash,” “hot cleansing” and “carbonated face wash.” Unlike the US and France, Japan also has a high search for whitening and lightening products.

All markets

Masks are trending in all markets, with acne being a top concern to target in all three areas. Earthy masks (clay, charcoal) are the most popular in the US, peeling masks are popular in  France, and moisturizing masks are key in Japan. YouTube has turned masking into a social scenario across markets. All three markets also have intense focus on ingredients, interest in skin care devices, DIY beauty, bathing, and men’s skin care.

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