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Coming right on the heels of the latest glittering Apple event, Adweek reports that Scandinavian furniture Goliath Ikea has launched Ikea Place, an app for the new iOS 11 operating system that uses augmented reality (AR) to “help customers truly visualize how a piece of Ikea furniture will look in their apartment, homes and offices.”

Ikea Place is one of the first apps to be built on Apple’s ARKit technology, one of the core features of the exalted new iOS 11 operating system. ARKit represents Apple’s biggest foray into AR, but with a distinctively mass market angle. Ikea Place’s debut demonstrates that the goal of ARKit technology is everyday innovation, bringing AR out of tech and gaming conferences and into the realm of the practical. Indeed, it quells criticism of AR that it is not easy to scale.

Given Apple’s massive reach, it’s wise to predict that ARKit will bring about further big changes to a digital consumer experience that is in an endless state of revolution. Predictions are currently running rampant, especially in the beauty industry: Will consumers move to trying out makeup looks on AR before they buy? Will this lead to the rise of the showroom model, and an end to traditionally inventoried stores like Ulta or Sephora? Will Cher’s closet from Clueless become reality?

It’s all too early to tell. The best thing to do right now with ARKit apps like Ikea Place are to download them, play around, and take notes on how beauty brands can make it work.

Read more at Adweek.

Photo: Unsplash @ karishea

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