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Fashion week makes September a trend-heavy month, but not all the trends in beauty are coming from the runway. While some of the #InstaBeauty trends make absolutely no sense, they cannot be dismissed. Some become one-hit wonders of weirdness and others drive consumer trends, product innovation, and mad dashes to buy. As we head into fall, here are our top 5 Instagram beauty moments for September 2017.

Fade To #GrayOmbre

Since fantasy hair color has become the norm, there seems to be a new hair trend every other day, but few are as beautiful as the gray ombré / gray hair trend that was blowing up Instagram last month. It’s equal parts edgy and pretty and far more wearable then many hair color trends we’ve seen. Photography: @ritasbeautybar via Instagram.


One metric of new launch success could be the number of times it’s been “swatched” on Instagram. Sure, these perfect lines of eyeshadow, foundation, or highlighter on forearms can be helpful, but they’ve gotten a little monotonous in feeds. A burgeoning trend that’s hitting Instagram is tattoo swatching, filling in black-ink tattoos and the creation of tattoos with makeup. Photography: @moonboymakeup via Instagram.


The squiggle brow definitely falls into the shock-value category for me. I have a hard time believing anyone wants to walk around with these brows, but it gives good Instagram and to each their own. Beauty blogger Promise Tamang has been credited as ground zero for this latest eyebrow trend. Instagram 2017 may very well go down as the year of weird eyebrow trends. Photography: @promisetamang via Instagram.

Hair Nail Art 

Illusion artist Dain Yoon is the person behind the latest bizarre nail trend. The internet has called the trend hair nail art but she called it “selfienailart.” She paints selfies into her nails and completes the tiny faces with long black hair. Photography: @designdain via Instagram.

Embrace The #UnibrowMovement

Beautiful girl.  Beautiful brows. Greek student and model Sophia Hadjipanteli is celebrating her arches in all of their untweezed glory and proudly promoting the #UnibrowMovement. A recent Instagram post says the movement “is about normalizing something that society pressures us to hide or fix.” Photography:  @sophiahadjipanteli via Instagram.

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