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Instagram Stories has just passed its first anniversary. But, Stories isn’t the only, well, story for Instagram this year; they also added disappearing photo messages, location tags, stickers, drawing tools, and face filters. Instagram was behind its main rival Snapchat when it came to creative features and functionalities, but they have caught up, and their efforts have been rewarded in usership. Instagram now has 250 million daily users on Stories alone, while the entirety of Snapchat is 166 million users strong.

All of this growth both in users and functionalities begs the question: when compared, which platform services businesses more fully? The answer to this will largely come down to who your audience is, and who you are looking to engage with your brand. Snapchat is still seen as the more creative, and skewing younger than Instagram. That said, it is worth noting a brand has to be an “official partner” to run marketing efforts on Snapchat.

See Huffington Post for an in-depth comparison of Snapchat vs Instagram for brands.

Photo: Huffington Post

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