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Sailthru—the leading cross-channel experience management platform for the world’s top retail and media companies—ranked top retail brands with its first annual Retail Personalization Index 2017. This index was created “to quantify how leading retailers are personalizing their customer experience; to determine gaps in the approach to personalization used by top retailers; and to examine the relationship between a personalized experience, customer satisfaction, and retention to drive revenue, reduce customer churn, and optimize engagement,” explains PR Newswire.

FierceRetail looked at the results of the survey and found that Sephora, JustFab, and Walmart topped the list of 100 retailers for the best personalization and customer experience. Sephora scored first with a 79 out of 100, followed by JustFab at 72, and Walmart with 69 points.

So what did Sephora, JustFab, Walmart and others in the top 10 do to secure their elite spots?

“Their approach to personalization at both the macro and micro level are different,” shares Jason Grunberg, VP of marketing at Sailthru. But different how? 

  • “For these retailers, personalization is truly a part of their core business strategy. This means that they have a plan for continued evolution of their approach and for increasing the sophistication of their approach quarter over quarter.”
  • These high ranking brands also have “digital and physical stores … therefore, these brands have gone out of their way to make the digital experience similar to the in-store experience.” They know that “connecting online and in-store experiences is one goal, rather than treating these as two separate experiences.”
  • The top retailers focus more on making customer experience personal rather than what generates revenue. They understand that a high-quality customer experience is one that is personalized, and a personalized experience is likely to be high quality.

Yet FierceRetail astutely illuminates that even these top brands failed to score more than a 79 out of 100, thus demonstrating that better customer experience is still possible. There is always room for improvement.

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