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Amazon is a treasure trove of strange items. When photographer Evija Laivina stumbled upon the bizarre world of beauty devices 0n Amazon, she knew she had struck gold. Most of these crazy contraptions, including nose stretchers, face slimmers, and double-chin preventers, hail from Asia and are available for under $10. Although popular in some parts of the world, these tools are a side of the industry that are relatively unknown, and a perfect representation of  our insane beauty standards.

Laivina’s work juxtaposes classic portrait-style photography with the otherworldly devices. Her work is both funny and absurd, yet shines a light on the darker aspects of society. “There is a huge problem now,” she tells i-D,“We are living in this fear that if I do not perfectly fit society’s standards, I am not enough. I feel the pressure as well, I know how women feel if you don’t fit those rules. Everyone is supposed to have a classical-shaped nose. But it’s stupid. If you don’t fit, you get depressed, you do silly things. We need to talk about this more.”


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Photos: Evija Laivina via artist website

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