As we head into the holidays, November was rather sedate in terms of Insta-beauty trends. There were no crazy eyebrows, hair nails, or glitter tongues. The strangest trend to get traction this month was lip art from an Italian makeup artist inspired by toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Lip Art  

The resourceful Italian makeup artist Greta Agazzi  transformed humble toilet paper into something that will have you rethinking the possibilities of this common household staple. She put toilet paper on her pout, than brushed on matte and metallic liquid lipsticks. Toilet paper has never looked this good.

Facial Roller Mania 

The old school jade and sometimes rose-quartz roller is having an Insta-moment.  The rolling movement combined with the cooling effects of the stone soothe and de-puff the skin. If you’re into crystal healing, this simple tool offers a double whammy. Rose quartz emits strong vibrations of love and comfort while jade balances and calms. These little rollers are also very photogenic, so get rolling.


The newest beauty trend is a throwback to the days of disco. Makeup artist Way Bandy created this technique working with ’70s celebs like Farah Fawcett, Jerry Hall, and Lauren Hutton. Draping enhances natural features by exaggerating the angles and curves of the face, similar to contouring, but the only product needed is blush.

With and Without

The makeup trend spectrum has been one of extremes. On the one end you have the no-makeup makeup and on the other you have the full-face, HD, heavily contoured, selfie-ready trend. Most women I know swing between looks or live somewhere in the middle. This with and without Insta-beauty trend opens up the conversation of which is better: with or without.

Embracing the Negative 

Enter the era of abstract minimalist nail art scaling back to basics without being too basic. The NYC manicure studio Paintbox’s feed @paintboxnails is full of negative-space manicure inspiration.


Photo: @fashionhr via Instagram