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What are three ways to a millennial’s heart?

  • Direct-to-consumer delivery
  • Trend-friendly branding
  • Self-care

These three forces combine and find a home in Otherland, a new candle start-up created by Abigail Stone. In 2016, Stone conducted research and found that one in four millennial women buy ten or more candles a year. Given this, combined with the fact that NPD group estimates the candle industry is worth $50 billion and is fueled by the current self-care movement, Stone sensed opportunity.

Otherland’s candles have whimsical packaging with reusable containers and luxurious scents. They cost $39 a piece, or $89 for a set of three; their reasonable prices fill a niche for mid-priced candles, sitting between Diptyque and Yankee Candle. Stone has a background in art history and will partner with different artists each season to keep the Otherland unboxing experience fresh and fun for returning customers. She has┬ápartnered with Firminich, the fragrance house behind Tom Ford and Le Labo, to create the first five fragrances in the unique Otherland collection.

With an emphasis on self-care, quality ingredients, incredible scent, and artsy packaging, Otherworld is set to become the most coveted item on Instagram.

To read more about Otherland, head to

Photo: Otherland via Instagram

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