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On January 16, 2018 the EU revealed its three-pronged plan: to make all plastic packaging in Europe recyclable by 2030; to phase out single-use plastic, such as straws; and to restrict the intentional usage of toxic microplastics found in cosmetics (e.g., glitter) and other products that enter the air, water, and food systems.

European Commission first vice president Frans Timmermans divulged that with the new EU Plastics Strategy, Europe would also be driving a new and more circular sustainable business model and economy. “We need to invest in innovative new technologies that keep our citizens and our environment safe while keeping our industry competitive,” he said. DW highlights that this “new plastic economy” would also boost funding and investment in eco-friendly recyclable plastic materials and improve recycling processes.

The EU executive’s revolutionary plans are now pending approval by EU governments and the European parliament. Perhaps while the Commission waits they could generate and promote an even more ambitious strategy centered on Indonesian start-up Evoware’s bioplastic brilliance. A zero waste goal is achievable.

To read more about the EU’s avant-garde propositions, go to DW.  

Photo: Chip Conk via Flickr 

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