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Meet Alexis Irene, the 24-year-old founder and CEO of the revolutionary beauty company Static Nails. The trendy brand’s at-home nail kits feature non-damaging, reusable, and customizable pop-on appliqués. Created out of her dorm room, Irene was inspired to bring an artsy nail product to market that was better than destructive, short-lived drugstore press-on nails, and more affordable than a salon manicure. Launched in early 2016, Glossy reveals how Static is primed and ready to carve out a niche in the booming $9 billion nail polish market:

  • In its first six months, Static generated $500,000.
  • Static currently has a year-over-year growth rate of 89 percent.
  • Its online conversion rate is roughly 7 percent, with 57 percent of those purchases coming from repeat customers.
  • The majority of Static’s growth has come from its wholesale strategy, which has resulted in partnerships with top beauty retailers, including Sephora, HSN, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21’s Riley Rose beauty boutique.
  • Expanding beyond today’s popular direct-to-consumer model has allowed Static to garner a larger audience.
  • Currently self-funded, the company will begin courting investors in January 2018.

So how did Irene achieve the above successes? Below are insights Irene shared with Glossy:

  • Irene launched Static Nails at an old-school trade show—don’t write them off. “They are a fantastic way to test new products, get feedback from consumers, network, get press coverage and make sales,” she said.
  • The key to capturing buyers’ attention is to be innovative and to solve a problem.
  • “To market your product, you have to find bold ways to quickly capture someone’s interest,” divulged Irene. “If it’s something unique, people will want to talk about it. Word-of-mouth is how I first grew my brand.”
  • You’ll have a much stronger shot at success if you enhance or create a new category. The brand’s DNA must be distinct, thus going niche is one of the best ways to succeed.

To read more about how Static plans to continue to revolutionize the manicure and nail industry, go to Glossy.

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